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Total Quality Services specializes in the precise installation of hollow metal and wood doors including scheduled hardware on new construction projects. Total Quality Services’ expertise includes commercial and Industrial projects. areas of support includes on site as well as research from our office, planning, quoting and scheduling Field operations for in-process, Maintenance & future installations.


Our Services


Industrial Facility Support

TQS installing technicians are factory trained by leading industry door and hardware manufacturers. Support of industrial facilities started in 1985.

Background clearances and training allow us the flexibility to work independently within the facility.

Customized Preventative Maintenance Programs (PMP) are designed for door types and function, frequency of use, security, fire and safety surveillance requirements. Fire Door Pre-Inspections

Replacement Parts:  Inventory on site stored hardware components; assign amounts for future supplies on-hand and verify manufacturer’s part numbers and update when needed.

As-Built Drawings & Documentation verified and revised as needed to capture all elements of the opening including hardware.

TQS offers door and hardware upgrade options as new hardware is updated by the manufacturers.



Refined techniques allows our installation team flexibility to prepare and install large quantities of doors and hardware in condensed time periods.

Since our inception, we have completed hundreds school projects in Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River Counties.

Through the years, we have developed professional work relationships with many leading General Contractors & Distributors in our service area. Installations flow more easily due to the direct connection between the G.C., our office and staff in the field.

TQS installation technicians are factory trained by leading hardware manufacturers and national associations.



Hospitals, Medical Centers and Independent Surgery Centers, Assisted Living Facilities. New & Remodels.



The durations of jobs range from days to years.  Our door and hardware installation package involves hollow metal and wood doors with the assigned hardware listed in the hardware schedule.

TQS’s expertise includes commercial and industrial projects; areas of support includes on site as well as research from our office; planning, quoting and scheduling operations for in-process and future installations.

Total Quality Services (TQS) primary business focus includes office buildings to large structures containing thousands of doors.

Fire Door Inspection


Fire Door Assemblies Inspections and Preventative Maintenance

Total Quality Services offers a “Proactive Approach” to this updated N.F.P.A. 80 Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protective, 2007 directive aswell as NFPA101 Lifesafety Codes. TQS has two Certified Fire Door Inspectors through DHI & Intertek with access for additional support as required.

This code states that inspections shall be done every year and can be extended by the A.H.J. up to three years as long as documentation on the Fire Doors have been established with a valid inspection with a low percentage of failures over that period. TQS will be moving forward with pre-inspections and repairs to allow each protected opening to perform as designed.

This will ensure that all fire doors meet the requirements as designed for the Fire Code.  A “Maintenance Program” will be established with TQS prior to the official Fire Inspections.

This will allow our firm to complete an operability test and make adjustments as necessary and or provide a quote for additional parts and services before the official inspection.

TQS has been working with Florida’s Nuclear Power Plants for over thirty years on the very topic of Fire Door Compliance as well as Safety and Security concerns in a proactive stance.

When your company decides to select a Professional & Trained Company to inspect and maintain all occupied facilities for Fire Rated, Life Safety and A.D.A. compliance doors, please allow us the opportunity to provide you with these services & support.

TQS will be working closely with Fire Door Inspection Specialists who will provide the official inspection reports. TQS and FDIS will work in unison to expedite door and hardware repairs if needed. This will ensure all code deficiencies have been satisfied prior to the fire door inspection.



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